Best Non SEO Tools for SEO Professionals

In our day to day SEO activities, we rely on many tools like Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush etc. to analyse the data of a particular website or for competitor analysis.

In this article we have covered a few tools that would help you do your job with more ease and effectiveness.

Let’s check out these amazing tools.

  1. Proxies


Proxies act as middle men between the page you are trying to access and your current IP. They change your location virtually when you are trying to access a particular page. For example, when you are trying to access a page which is currently blocked in your City, you can change your IP address with the help of these proxies (let’s say U.S.A). Now, when you try to access the page with the help of this U.S.A. proxy, the web page thinks that you are currently accessing the page from U.S.A. Software’s like Hide My Ass have proved to be extremely useful in these situations. If you want to run any tools or access any webpages, this would be the right pick for you.

  1. Screen Capture Software

If you are trying to explain someone a particular activity through a video, screen capture software would be extremely useful. It helps you to record your screen when you are performing some action and stores it in the form of a video. Software’s like Screencast-O-Matic are extremely helpful for this work.

  1. Browser

Have you ever faced problem with your clients who require different logins for different set of social media, analytics and Search Console accounts? Browsers like Ghost browser helps you to launch multiple tabs that refer to different sessions.


  1. Scheduling System

This is one of the best tools that you must have in your list. This helps you to inform your clients when you would be available for a call and have quick business conversation. It gives you an opportunity to consider a situation before you actually speak. An online calendar would help you to avoid a wrong time zone (especially when your clients are from other countries).

So, these are the few best Non-SEO tools that would help you do your work more efficiently in an easy manner.

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